Stefan Wessel
Fashion Photographer

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Taking pictures is a way of holding on to a moment

“It is also a way of expressing feelings and emotions can be difficult to capture in other ways.”While Stefan Wessel refuses to define ‘the perfect picture’ and believes no such thing exists, he is constantly looking to take the very best picture, all depending on style and genre. Stefan Wessel is particularly passionate about fashion photography and art photography. He is inspired by photography icons like Helmut Newton, Patrick Demarchelier, Mert and Marcus, but also by contemporary art. “I often look to art for inspiration,” says Stefan Wessel. “I find that contemporary art is often one step ahead when it comes to pinpointing new trends. I used to be a big fan of pop art, especially Warhol and Lichtenstein, but these days I find the Danish contemporary art scene very interesting and inspiring.” “As a kid, my father used to drag me through one exhibition after another and I hated it. Today, of course, I am deeply grateful for the understanding it has given me. I learned to look at pictures at a very early age, and I believe that it has formed me as a photographer”

Stefan Wessel is born in 1987 in Herning, Denmark. He is the son of the Danish artist Jan Wessel. The young up-and-coming photographer discovered his passion for photography already at the age of 13 on a school trip to Budapest. Having borrowed his mother’s camera, he ended up spending all his pocket money on film rolls and taking pictures of absolutely everything. Back in Denmark, he soon got his own digital camera and continued to take pictures – and loved it. Eventually realising that taking pictures was what he wanted to do for a living. A local photographer spotted Stefan Wessel’s talent and this led to Stefan serving his five year apprenticeship with the Herning-based photographer Gunnar Merrild. as a part of his education, Stefan also spent 3 months working as an assistent for the renowned Torkil Gudnason in New York. Stefan Wessel completed his apprenticeship in February 2012 and immediately established his own company, based in Aarhus, Denmark.